he shares some secrets on LiSTNR’s STORIES OF US with host Sarah Grynberg …

Stories of Us is a collection of untold stories from some of Australia’s biggest names and everyday heroes to celebrate regional Australian communities on LiSTNR. In each episode, host Sarah Grynberg from A Life of Greatness, is joined by a guest whose journey was made against the backdrop of regional Australia.

In this week’s episode, Sarah sits down with the legendary Don Spencer for a candid conversation about his remarkable life journey….

  • Growing up in Tamworth in regional NSW, Don shares poignant memories of his childhood marked by challenges and resilience – raised by a single mother in a time when divorce was stigmatised, Spencer reflects on the hardships his family faced and the lack of community support.
  • He speaks of having a hit in Canada and not knowing about it! He wrote a song in Canada – and called back some time later asking if anything happened with the song. They said ,”YES, we’ve been looking for you, it’s a HIT!”
  • He shares how he was unexpectedly drawn into the world of music during his travels and talls of his serendipitous encounter with singer Roger Whitaker in Nairobi, Kenya, which sparked his passion for songwriting.
  • Despite his initial reluctance, he found himself immersed in the music industry, eventually touring with iconic bands like the Rolling Stones.
  • He toured with the Rolling Stones when THEY were the main support band, and tells how that didn’t last long, “because no-one could follow them, no-one could follow the ‘Stones!”
  • Reflecting on his experiences, Don candidly discusses his decision to abstain from drugs and his frustration with their glamorisation in the music industry. He shares insights into his enduring career, from his iconic role on Playschool to his founding of the Australian Children’s Music Foundation, a testament to his commitment to providing music education to disadvantaged youth.

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