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23 officers join ranks at SAPOL
One person likely dying from hunger every 48 seconds in drought-ravaged East Africa as world again fails to heed warnings
Researcher hopes to significantly improve clean water access in Africa
Welcoming New Board Member: Professor Sarah Anyang Agbor
Mungbean network sprouts new opportunities
Alex Chidiac: Finding meaning outside of football
FAO and World Food Forum Launch Young Scientists Group
Fears mount as rains failing for fourth time and war in Ukraine sends food prices rocketing
Conserving mangroves to protect local livelihoods and planet
Over 1 million African children protected by first malaria vaccine
PlantVillage receives Cisco Foundation grant to help communities capture carbon
Spiraling costs, surging conflict, and soaring climate disasters create desperate future for millions of refugees across Eastern
Somalia: New data show how drought in Horn of Africa is driving up acute hunger
UNITAR Calls for Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya
Oxfam reaction to IPCC’s Working Group III report on climate change mitigation
New voices to advocate for people with disability on renewed Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability
WHO’s training for caregivers of children with autism goes online
Insect industry abuzz with new knowledge sharing Hub
As many as 28 million people across East Africa at risk of extreme hunger if rains fail again
UNITAR Division for Prosperity fosters entrepreneurs in Iraq
UNHCR and partners seek US$1.2 billion to address Africa’s largest refugee crisis
UN names 2026 as International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists
New era for Kenyan healthcare begins
African agriculture’s digital revolution: UN report pinpoints main obstacles and opportunities
Helping cashew farmers in Ghana: Entrepreneurship initiative to strengthen ties between Canada and Africa
Human Rights Council Starts Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteur in Field of Cultural Rights
UNHCR seeks US$205 million to deliver life-saving assistance to over 1.6 million people affected by northern Ethiopia conflict
UNHCR highlights great progress on refugee vaccine inclusion but inequities hamper rollout
No time to nap in nature
Peace – Enhancing capacities in medical care in peacekeeping operations
UN’s International Year of Fruits and Vegetables ends with global ceremony
WHO documentary featuring voices of victims of violence selected for international short film festival
UN NCD and Mental Health MPTF: First Steering Committee Meeting
WHO announces first technology recipients of mRNA vaccine hub with strong support from African and European partners
Drought in Horn of Africa: FAO welcomes €20 million contribution from Germany to avert hunger crisis
Support for Suriname’s pineapple sector: UN Joint SDG Fund approves 3ADI+ proposal
UN Human Rights Experts warn of increased political violence and polarisation in South Sudan,
Drought in Horn of Africa: New analyses flag mounting risks, need to support rural families
UN Human Rights Experts to visit South Sudan
Urgent investment needed in deadly disease
Ensuring quality and ethics of research on FGM: new WHO guidance out now
Cook Park hosts Australia Day celebrations
Horn of Africa: Swift aid for drought-affected farmers and herders needed to avoid hunger crisis
Appointment to Policy Advisory Council for international agricultural research
People – Developing capacities on NSOAP process
Global South perspective on fight against climate crisis
WHO welcomes historic decision by Gavi to fund first malaria vaccine
Streets for Life campaign presented with Prince Michael International Road Safety Award