Gas Substitution Roadmap will be undermined while Labor supports new coal and gas

Australian Greens

The Victorian Greens have said any attempts by the Victorian Labor Government to reduce gas usage will be undermined while they continue to support new gas drilling, and while Labor refuses to ban selling new gas products, locking people into expensive bills.

Earlier today Labor released its updated Gas Substitution Roadmap, which includes a ban on gas connections in new homes starting in 2024, something the Greens have been advocating for years, but doesn’t phase out the sale of new gas appliances. Labor also continues to support new gas drilling, including significant projects off the western coast of Victorian.

More than two million Victorian homes and businesses rely on expensive, dangerous fossil gas, and must be rapidly electrified to avoid the worst impacts of global warming and keep energy bills low.

However, until Labor rules out supporting new coal and gas drilling and mining, and bans the sale of new gas products, Victoria won’t be doing its part to tackle the worsening climate crisis.

Deputy Leader of the Victorian Greens, Ellen Sandell, said Victorians needed support to get off gas, and wanted the Labor Government to stop supporting new fossil fuel drilling, as well as phase out the sale of new gas appliances.

She said Labor was supporting new gas drilling near the 12 Apostles, seismic blasting for new gas and oil reserves, and a new coal-to-hydrogen project

The Greens are also concerned that the roadmap has nothing for renters, apartment-dwellers or poorer Victorians wanting to electrify their homes and therefore lower their bills.

There is also no plan in the roadmap to phase out gas products or retire the gas mains system statewide.

As stated by Deputy Leader of the Victorian Greens, Ellen Sandell MP:

“Victorians use more gas in their homes than any other state, it is a huge cause of emissions and also very expensive for households, and Labor needs to do more to help people get off gas in their homes and move to all-electric homes.

“Renters, apartment-dwellers and low-income Victorians will largely miss out in Labor’s plan, which is a huge shame.

“I’m glad that Labor accepted the Greens’ calls to ban gas connections in new homes, but it’s disappointing they refuse to phase out the sale of new gas products, because it means Labor is locking people into high gas bills into the future.

“It’s also outrageous that Labor in Victoria continues to support and approve new gas drilling, given burning gas and coal is the main cause of climate change.”

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