Government support for aviation sector must include workers


The Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) is calling for any support for the aviation industry provided by the Federal Government to include specific guarantees for workers.

AIPA President Mark Sedgwick said thousands of pilots, cabin crew, engineers and ground staff now stood down by Qantas and other airlines were the key to a quick and effective return to flying and deserved additional financial support.

“Pilots welcome calls for additional government support for the aviation industry, brought to its knees by the unfolding global health crisis,” Mr Sedgwick said.

“We agree that assistance must be applied fairly and proportionately across the airline industry.”

“However, the government must ensure additional assistance measures include a commitment from airlines to support the workers who stand ready to get back in the air when this crisis has passed.”

“There’s no doubt that a vibrant and competitive commercial aviation sector is a vital element in the Australian economy and is an important driver of domestic and international business, inbound tourism and trade.”

“Pilots have shown they are prepared to step up to assist the Federal Government and the wider community to solve complex problems like the evacuation of Australians from Wuhan.”

“We need Government and airlines to recognise that when the pandemic subsides its workers will be the key to allowing businesses to return to prosperity.”

/Public Release.