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Joint Risk Assessment Operational Tool in time of COVID-19
Rio Tinto’s partnership with SM TAFE, WA Government wins global award
Boeing’s Autonomous MQ-25 Completes First Test Flight with Aerial Refueling Store
Lockheed Martin Australia awarded F-35 training support services contract
Air New Zealand Chief People Officer appointment
States Urged to Follow Global Guidelines on Crew Testing
Offshore Alliance entitled to negotiate on behalf of specialist workers
Additional testing to strengthen border and increase safety of workers
Taree pilots to be weather safe
Port Macquarie pilots to be weather safe
Parkes pilots to be weather safe
Mount Gambier pilots to be weather safe
Cowra pilots to be weather safe
CASA suspends stakeholder survey
Boeing Forecasts Strong Growth in China’s Aviation Market Despite Near-term Challenges
Boeing Secures More Than $800M in Middle East Training and Support Contracts
Police make arrests – Strike Force Viper in Alice Springs
“Herculean task”: waking up Wilkins Aerodrome
Geraldton Pilots to be weather safe
Sunshine Coast Pilots to be weather safe
Central Coast pilots to be weather safe
Gold Coast pilots to be weather safe
New drones helping keep our community safe
Qantas launches flights to bring Australians home
Training aircraft enters steep dive during pitch trim demonstration
WA’s Hard Borders are Not So Hard
Qantas unveils exclusive new leisure wear range by Martin Grant
Bunbury pilots to be weather safe
Alice springs pilots to be weather safe
Griffith pilots to be weather safe
Wagga pilots to be weather safe
Illegal landings net chopper company and pilot hefty fines
Aircraft Auctions Begin to Take-Off in Australia
Greens plan to put people before property developers, deliver world-class climate-ready Canberra
Uncommanded engine shutdown highlights importance of clear and unambiguous maintenance procedures
Prop blade collar failure highlights importance of following maintenance manuals during field repairs
Bushfire recovery grant supports Two Thumbs Wildlife Sanctuary
Our top training talent named in Queensland Training Awards
Urgent need for “pilot Keeper” skills support package launches COVID-19 ratings
Help find rogue western Sydney drone
Help find rogue Sydney drone
Pest management for fire recovery expands across southern Blue Mountains parks
Boeing, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Partner on State of Art Upgrades to Japan’s F-15J fleet
Kenya beats back desert locust upsurge for now, but East Africa remains at risk
Driveshaft failure leads to a hard landing
City of Melbourne trials new tech in pilot program
Collision with terrain followed perceived partial power loss