Greens warn Woodside more fights ahead over gas expansion

Australian Greens

The Australian Greens have warned coal and gas giants to expect more blows to their climate-destroying expansion that overrides First Nations voices, after the party killed Labor’s gas fast-track bill and drew the ire of Woodside chief Meg O’Neill.

In a huge win for climate last week, the Greens secured an agreement with the government to shelve Labor’s offshore gas fast-track plan.

Yet in response today, Woodside Energy boss Meg O’Neill took a shot at the agreement, saying it would make it harder to roll out more gas projects.

Which the Greens say is the point.

While coal and gas lobbyists may be used to politicians caving to their every demand, the Greens will continue to use their power to fight any new coal or gas projects, and say the fight will only intensify in the lead up to the election as a minority Parliament looms.

As stated by Leader of the Australian Greens, Adam Bandt MP:

“If the gas cartel thinks this win by the Greens is a blow to their climate-destroying expansion, they ain’t seen nothing yet.

“This is just the beginning of the Greens’ fight against the big coal and gas corporations that are fueling drought, fires and floods while often paying next to no tax and sending profits offshore.

“People can’t insure their homes, farmers are losing income and forests are drying out because of the coal and gas-fuelled climate crisis. The only chance of saving Australia’s economy from the ravages of climate collapse is if there are no new coal and gas mines.

“Woodside’s expansion threatens Australian lives and livelihoods.

“No doubt coal and gas corporations are used to compliant politicians who take their donations and do their bidding, but as we head towards a predicted minority Parliament, the Greens will fight for higher taxes on big gas corporations and an end to new coal and gas mines.”

As stated by Greens’ First Nations and resources spokesperson, Senator Dorinda Cox:

“It is not acceptable that in a climate crisis, where we see everyday Australians impacted by climate emergencies and devastation that fossil fuel giants believe they can silence First Nation voices and knowledge to destroy country and precious irreplaceable cultural heritage.

“Yet we see time and time again the Albanese Labor Government caving to lobbyists and opening new climate and environment-wrecking gas projects.

“The Greens, Traditional Owners and community have shown their commitment and determination to fight these gas wrecking projects.

“Last week we won against Labor’s fast-tracking of gas approvals and we’ll keep fighting to make sure Australians understand the implications of climate wrecking projects and that Labor cannot be allowed to sell off our sea, country and cultural heritage to the highest bidder. Our sea country and heritage is not for sale.”

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