Greens winnable Macnamara federal electorate candidate announced: Sonya Semmens

Australian Greens

The Greens are thrilled to announce that Sonya Semmens will be the candidate for the federal seat of Macnamara at the next election.

This is the first Victorian federal candidate announcement by the Greens, and Macnamara is one of the closest electoral contests nationwide. If 298 voters had changed their vote in the last election, the Greens would have won this seat. In 2022 the Greens received a 5.5% positive swing in Macnamara, while Labor’s vote was almost stagnant with a swing of 0.9%.

51.5% of households in Macnamara are rentals, making this electorate the 4th highest concentration of rentals in the country behind Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The seat of Macnamara will be a priority campaign for the Greens at the next federal election.


Sonya is an NGO consultant, educator and small business owner. Sonya is also a renter who has lived in Macnamara for the past decade with her partner and their four children who attend local schools. In 2017, Sonya found herself unable to get a rental – as a single mum with two kids, they couch-surfed for months over winter. She has lived experience of how tough it is to be a renter. Sonya is looking forward to campaigning in Macnamara for a safe climate future with no new coal and gas, as well as a rent freeze and interest rate relief.

As stated by Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP:

“At the next election Macnamara voters will be some of the most powerful in the country. With Parliament so finely balanced, Macnamara voters can put a powerful Greens MP right in the middle of Parliament.

“Based on last election’s results, if just 298 voters shift to the Greens, Macnamara will make history. Thousands of voters switched to the Greens last election while Labor’s vote stagnated, and if a few more people switch to the Greens then Macnamara will get one of the most powerful MPs in the country.

“Sonya will be an incredible candidate for Macnamara. She’s a local renting mum with decades of campaigning experience and strong ties to the community. Sonya is a passionate bayside local, and committed to representing her community in parliament.

“Instead of a Labor MP who keeps backing unlimited rent increases, handouts to wealthy property investors and more coal and gas, Macnamara voters can send Sonya Semmens to parliament – a powerful Greens MP who will fight for renters, climate action and taxing big corporations.”

As stated by Greens candidate for Macnamara Sonya Semmens:

“Our electorate of Macnamara is one of the closest contests nationwide, and the Greens are just 298 votes away from winning this seat.

“All eyes across the country will be on our community in Macnamara. Change is possible, and who Macnamara chooses to represent them could impact the entire election and our nation’s future.

“I’m ready to work hard for my community to get outcomes. I’ve lived the rental crisis and I know how tough people are doing it as rents and house prices skyrocket, all while we watch Labor give massive tax handouts to wealthy property investors. I know how frustrated my community is, watching worsening climate events each year and seeing the Labor government continue to approve new coal and gas projects.

“This has been my family’s home for nearly a decade. Our four children go to local government schools, and play community sports. I love our bayside community.

“Everyone who lives here in Macnamara deserves a hopeful future, affordable housing, and to be able to pay their grocery bills.

“I’m looking forward to giving my community a real choice at the next election: a safe climate future, or more coal and gas? Affordable housing, or unlimited rent increases and skyrocketing house prices thanks to massive tax handouts for wealthy property investors?

“It’s clear Labor doesn’t have the will to tackle the massive problems we face in climate and cost of living, and the only way to get positive change is to put more Greens in the parliament.”


“Our progressive community feels betrayed by the Labor government’s inaction on key issues like climate change and housing. Sonya will be an exceptional representative for Macnamara. With her commitment and experience, we can win.

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