Guardian for Children and Young People receives significant 5-year boost in State Budget

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The Office of the Guardian for Children and Young People (OGCYP) has received a significant increase in annual funding, with an additional more than $4.5 million allocated over the forward estimates to support vital functions.

The additional funds will allow the office to continue performing its function in promoting and advocating for the rights and best interests of children and young people in care in South Australia.

Shona Reid, who has held the Guardian role since 2022, is a strong advocate for children and young people in care.

The funding will allow additional support for the functions the Guardian undertakes as Training Centre Visitor, for young people in custody, and as the Child and Young Person’s Visitor – for those in children living in out of home care.

It will support a further 5 ongoing positions to strengthen advocacy, and to respond to the increased complexity of advocacy needs.

As put by Katrine Hildyard

Amplifying the voices of children and young people is crucial to our reform of the child protection and family support system.

The role the Guardian plays in the child protection and family support system is vital in empowering the children and young people whose voices most need to be heard.

I am really proud that our Government has again significantly invested in the functions of the Guardian for Children and Young People to help empower the voices of young people.

This $4.5 million investment follows our previous investment of $1.87 million, and absolutely speaks to our commitment to helping ensure that as we progress change, children and young people and their needs and wellbeing are at the centre of it.

I look forward to continuing to work closely with the Guardian on all that makes a difference in the lives of children and young people.

As put by Shona Reid, Guardian for Children and Young People

Knowing that South Australia’s most vulnerable children and young people can continue to request our advocacy and we are able to be there for them, is something I am most grateful for.

The capacity to meet current demand for advocacy, and provide independent oversight of government services to children in care and detention is essential. This funding increase to my office is an important step towards achieving that goal in South Australia.

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