Hot off the Presses: King Charles on a Coin, Also Coming Soon Flight, Automobiles and the Wireless Telegraph

Australian Republic Movement

The Australian Republic Movement has acknowledged the release of the effigy of King Charles III by the Royal Australian Mint.

National Director and CEO Isaac Jeffrey said: “News that ten million one-dollar coins with the King’s image will fall between the couch cushions by Christmas has raised a collective shoulder shrug from the majority of Australians. The only time most of us will see them or care is when we shout heads or tails playing two-up.

“Effigies of rulers have been placed on coins since the days of Julius Caesar – used as a form of propaganda and as a symbol of dominion. The Head of State is supposed to symbolise who we are, and represent us at home and abroad.

“When you ask almost all Australians to pick a symbol of Australia you won’t find many that point to a British aristocrat who sits in a luxury palace on the other side of the world. It’s about as far removed from the life experience of everyday Australians, who are struggling with the cost of living and mortgage repayments, as you can get.

“While most Australians would be hard pressed to remember the last time they used a coin, the release of the new shiny dollar should also prompt us to ask when the last time was the Monarchy was useful to Australia.

“Australians are embracing digital technologies, including the use of tap and go, in a sign that times are changing. As our country moves into the modern age through our actions, so too should our system of government move with the times and the values we hold today.

“The Monarchy is an outdated symbol of a bygone era and it’s time for Australia to take control of its own future as a republic. It’s time to celebrate all three pillars of our nation – Indigenous, European and Multicultural peoples – and sever that last tie to fully embrace our independence.

“We’re not anti-royal or anti-monarch. I’ve got nothing against the King or his family or the British people – quiet the opposite, I greatly admire them and our relationship with the Brits will never change. But we’ve grown up and it’s time for one of us to lead. It’s time for Australia to have our own Head of State who can represent who we are as a nation and a people on the world stage, full time and fully committed.

“If we’re looking to put someone on the coin, let’s make it the migrant child who recently arrived in Australia and can one day become our local Head of State. Let’s make it the young Indigenous person whose heritage stretches back over 65,000 years, who can one day become our elected Head of State. Let’s make it the person who has worked hard all their life and truly gets what it means to be Australian, who could one day become our Australian Head of State. Let’s celebrate and acknowledge us instead.”

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