Illegal Burning Off Still Concern

EPA is looking into recent reports that there have been more on farm illegal burn offs and will contact properties in the north west of the state regarding their requirement to comply with regulations about disposal of industrial waste materials.

Last year, Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) cracked down on the practice of illegal burn offs on farms fining offenders and warning that further enforcement would follow if non-compliant behaviour persisted.

“We have given several warnings already and fined individuals and companies that failed to listen to our advice; you cannot dispose via burning materials like treated pine posts, grape vine covers, rack sheets, waste tyres, agricultural plastic, mattresses, hessian and other general waste,” EPA North West Regional Manager Paul Ratajczyk said.

“Smoke from waste burn-offs can lead to harmful effects on human health, particularly for people with asthma or other lung conditions, older people, pregnant women, babies and young children.”

Mr Ratajczyk said there had been reports of more burn offs and while winter usually slowed the practice, stockpiling material with the intention of burning off as the weather improved toward spring might still be in some people’s plans.

“Take waste like that to a facility licensed to accept it. If you’re trying to save a few dollars with a back paddock burn, EPA will take action.”

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