Increasing Visibility Of VBA’s Integrity Program

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has published two articles to increase the visibility of its integrity program and demonstrate its commitment to the values of openness, integrity and fairness.

The VBA has an expansive integrity framework to detect corrupt conduct

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) expects its people to demonstrate the highest standards of probity and holds similar expectations of those we deal with and we have systems and processes in place to detect improper behaviour.

We ensure our people maintain appropriate relationships with practitioners by:

  • Declaring any personal relationship with a practitioner which may lead to a conflict of interest.
  • Formal agreements not to disclose VBA information other than for official purposes.
  • Prohibiting employees from accepting gifts or hospitality from practitioners.
  • Publishing all offers of gifts and hospitality on our website.
  • Forbidding employees from working in the industry while employed at the VBA.

Our people report attempts to bribe them, forged or falsified documentation, or attempts to make use of personal relationships to obtain a different outcome. We consider each report carefully and may notify IBAC of the incident, make a report to Victoria Police, or follow up via our regulatory functions.

However, we do not rely on reports alone to detect attempts to deal with us dishonestly. We use data collected through our regulatory functions to search for undisclosed relationships between practitioners and our people. We also scan industry activity for evidence of our people engaging in prohibited construction activities.

Anyone, whether one of our people or a practitioner, who acts corruptly should understand we have the tools to catch them, and the consequences are substantial.

We want to hear from anyone who is aware of a VBA employee or practitioner being involved in corrupt or improper conduct.

Please visit Holding the VBA to account for information about how to make a report and help keep your fellow Victorians safe.

It’s never a joke, all attempts at bribery are taken seriously

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) regulates the building and plumbing industries to enable consumers to enjoy a safe built environment. To achieve this, the VBA requires its people to maintain a high level of integrity.

There have been instances of practitioners attempting to bribe our people. The VBA does not tolerate corruption and the consequences for an employee can include referral to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC), report to Victoria Police and possible disciplinary action.

We have zero tolerance for anyone who suggests to our people that a bribe may be provided in exchange for a favourable outcome, even if it is made in jest.

Our people will report these interactions and much like jokes about security made at an airport, they cannot be retracted and reports to IBAC and Victoria Police may follow.

To help keep your fellow Victorians safe, please make a report if you are aware of anyone who attempts to bribe a VBA employee.

Please visit Holding the VBA to account for information about how to make a report.

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