Investigating health solutions

Preventing chronic pain after traffic injuries and improving the safety of care for children with cancer are among a raft of research projects starting at The University of Queensland.

UQ has received 18 Investigator Grants in the latest funding round from the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Other projects to be undertaken at the University will seek to identify new toxins from animal venoms for potential pain treatments and reduce infections following organ transplants.

The grants foster innovative and creative research for high performing researchers across all stages of their careers and enable them to establish their own research program.

NHMRC Investigator Grants

  • Professor Claire Rickard (HaBS) – The IVCare adaptive platform trial: Towards zero bloodstream infections in IV catheters
  • Associate Professor Tim Mercer (AIBN) – Building RNA therapies to re-program gene expression.
  • Professor Irina Vetter (IMB/HaBS) – Mechanistic and pharmacological insights into peripheral sensory neuron function in physiological and pathological pain
  • Dr Jacob Gratten (Mater Research Institute – UQ) – Towards improved clinical outcomes for common brain disorders using large-scale statistical genomics
  • Professor Michele Sterling (RECOVER Injury Research Centre) – Better health outcomes after road traffic injury
  • Dr Nadine Foster (HaBS) – Musculoskeletal pain: getting the right patient to the right treatment at the right time
  • Professor Brett Collins (IMB) – From structural mechanisms of endosomal trafficking to therapies for neurodegenerative diseases
  • Dr Lisa McHugh (Medicine) – Evaluation of antenatal vaccines and vaccination programs in pregnancy
  • Professor David Evans (IMB) – Developing and Applying Mendelian Randomization Methods to Facilitate Drug Discovery and Solve Intractable Problems in Medical Research
  • Dr Emma Thomas (Medicine) – Improving equity, access, and quality of cardiac rehabilitation services
  • Dr Benjamin Weger (IMB) – The Microbiota-Growth Hormone Axis – From Metabolic Function to Liver Disease
  • Dr Fabian Rehm (IMB) – Engineering protein diagnostics/therapeutics via next-generation enzymatic and genetic code expansion approaches
  • Dr Julie Wixley (Medicine) – Detection and treatment of brain injury in growth restricted newborns
  • Dr Samuel Chan (Medicine) – Reducing infectious complications in kidney transplant recipients
  • Dr Jie Tang (AIBN) – Fighting Cancer Relapse: Developing an Oral Cancer Vaccine Generating Memory T Cells.
  • Dr Nigel Lee (HaBS) – Water injections: Transforming childbirth pain management for any woman, anywhere
  • Professor Amanda Ullman (HaBS) – Preventing harm from central venous catheters for children treated for cancer
  • Dr Samuel Robinson (IMB) – New Toxin Tools for Dissecting Pain.

More information about the grants is available from the NHMRC.

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