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Fighting parasites with poo
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UQ research leads nation in ARC funding for industry collaboration
UQ researchers lead nation in ARC funding for industry collaboration
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UQ researchers lead nation in funding for collaborative efforts with industry partners
UOW awarded $1M for research projects with industry
Archaeologists reveal rock art’s big little secret
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Grant to help LGBT conversion survivors
App will reduce high risk of falls during and after Lockdown
Three UWA projects receive $3.1 million in national research funding
$10.6 million in crucial health and medical research
Disadvantages of digital divide in spotlight
More than $10 million to support innovations in health service delivery
Next-gen nano technologies to tackle infection and diagnose disease
Continuing to fund world-leading research
New wearable devices set to diagnose medical conditions such as preeclampsia, epilepsy and heart attacks
UWA health and medical research receives $2.7 million funding boost
Unmasking new solutions for sleep apnoea
Institute for Glycomics wins NHMRC Investigator Grants
Research Grant to Fund Major Advance in Fight Against Dementia
Funding success for vital health and medical research
Family environment affects adolescent brain development
New NHMRC Investigator Grants to safeguard brain and heart
Study shows how our experiences shape who we trust
Curtin health research granted more than $1 million in NHMRC funding
UniSA wins $7.8m for new research to prevent infections, diagnose medical conditions and improve aged care
Burnet researchers share in NHMRC grants
More than $47 million awarded to Monash University for vital medical research
$400 million funding boost for health and medical research
Lighting way to a healthy nation – optical ‘X-rays’ for walk through diagnosis & therapy
All pumped up for new-age rubber
Fossil discoveries reveal cause of megafauna extinction
People aged over 65 encouraged to take part in mental health services study from home
What happens to inflation when we cannot buy goods during a lockdown?
Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Worse Cognitive Performance After a Stroke; Prediabetes not Linked, but Prevention Needed
Carnivorous Plant Lifestyle is Gene Costly
New study into mood-dysregulated teens’ nutrition funded $150,000