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Researchers identify new pathways to target breast cancer
Mitochondria of diabetic patients can’t keep track of time
Two vaccine doses boost antibody levels in airways after Covid
Corporate influence linked to slow implementation of public health policies globally
UniSA honours Uncle Lewis Yarlupurka O’Brien
It’s not ‘amount’ but ‘type’ of fat that makes difference to scales
Breastfeeding linked to lower risk of type 1 diabetes
Could dietary changes help reduce pregnancy complications in women with type 1 diabetes?
Time to reduce stillbirth numbers
Brain ‘noise’ may hold keys to psychiatric treatment efficacy
Sense of smell is our most rapid warning system
Lone changer: Fish camouflage better without friends nearby
Schmidt: Exploring Earth’s oceans to reach Europa
Wind farm noise and sleep disruption
Grant open for research to improve hearing support services
Clarification on diabetes and dementia risk
Griffith recognised as destination for tourism policy innovation
Pandemic linked to rising rates of depressive and anxiety disorders
Wellbeing program to help young people rebuild their life after cancer
New biomarker for severe Covid
Research focus on gut diseases
Researcher discovers first brain marker for an anxiety disorder
Tiny bubbles can be future treatment for inflammation
Implantable tech could be game-changer for heart patients
Campaign could reduce risk of UK opioid ‘epidemic’
Guidelines for treatment of alcohol problems notes risks, stigma
‘Mother of all cannabinoids’: anti-seizure compounds found in cannabis
New insight on link between obesity and type 2 diabetes
Early accumulation of tau in brain predicts memory decline in Alzheimer’s disease
Cardiac patients get moving, thanks to digital innovation
Massive new animal species discovered in half-billion-year-old Burgess Shale
Study identifies protein important for motor coordination and exercise performance
Grant funded research helps protect national security
Switching on sight
From recycling to upcycling: smarter way of dealing with plastic & ag waste
From recycling to upcycling: smarter way of dealing with plastic
Climate change warning from collapsed ancient cities
Grain size discovery boosts sorghum potential
Brain and Mind Centre mental health modelling recognised globally
Bird reports rose during lockdowns
$2.5 million Centre of Research to improve capacity of alcohol and drug services
Innate immune response may predict Covid severity
Early, massive galaxies running on empty
Coral recovery during a prolonged heatwave offers new hope
New Horizons for research through new adventurous research projects
Great ideas attract $7 million in NHMRC grants
Silver lining of marine paints
$13M boost for international mother-baby iron supplements study