Jaensch delivers an increase of just five homes for low income Tasmanians

Tasmanian Labor
  • Total pool of social housing barely shifts
  • Jaensch can’t explain his pitiful record
  • Homes for lower income Tasmanians not a priority for Gutwein Government
  • Bumbling Housing Minister Roger Jaensch cannot explain how the total number of houses for low income Tasmanians has increased by just five over the past year.

    Shadow Housing Minister Alison Standen said despite lofty promises from Mr Jaensch, the total supply of social housing in Tasmanian had increased from 12,504 in September 2019 to 12,509 in September this year.

    “Mr Jaensch needs to explain how that can possibly be,” Ms Standen said.

    “He’s very good at fudging, hiding and trying to muddy the waters on this critical issue but he’s been simply caught out.

    “Yesterday the Minister was embarrassed into having to admit he has not built a single new social housing dwelling with the Commonwealth housing debt waiver money and this latest information is proof that his ongoing program of social housing construction is failing miserably.

    “Every year he claims to be delivering. Every year he claims to be reaching targets. But every year he just makes it up.

    “In the midst of a deepening housing crisis, the Minister now has to explain to the thousands languishing on his waiting lists how he is comprehensively, thoroughly failing to deliver.”

    Alison Standen MP

    Shadow Housing Minister

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