Knox Recycling Efforts Huge Success

Since introducing changes to our waste collection services, and adopting more sustainable waste management practices, Knox has significantly reduced the amount of food waste going to landfill. Compared to 2023 (43%), 28% of food scraps are going to landfill and 72% of all waste is now being recycled or processed into new products.

Why does our food waste matter?

Recycling food scraps is an easy way for householders to actively make a positive difference to our environment. By sending less food waste to landfill, we are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimise the effects of climate change. The scraps can also be repurposed into organic material such as compost, soil, and mulch and used to sustain our parks, gardens, nurseries, and farms

Food waste reduction success in Knox

Up until recently, 43% of Knox’s waste that went to landfill was food. In July 2023, we introduced a weekly food and garden bin collection service which encouraged our community to recycle their food scraps, adding them to their green garden bin for weekly collection. The success of this service change and the efforts of the Knox community has resulted in the diversion of over 1,000 tonnes of food waste from landfill each month. That’s equivalent to 571 cars worth of food waste! Additionally, collected food is being repurposed into organic material.

Well done Knox – this is an amazing achievement! Thank you to everyone for embracing the waste service changes and developing more recycling habits, contributing to these fantastic results. Let’s keep the momentum going.

Need help?

Finding it hard to manage your waste? Please refer to our website for more information or contact us for further support.

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