Labor must stop reckless politicking

Sarah Courtney,Minister for Education

Tasmanian Labor’s Rebecca White needs to show leadership, stop her reckless politicking and reveal if the Labor party support the Tasmanian Liberal Government’s plan based on public health advice to reopen borders on the 15th of December.

Since the start of COVID-19, Labor have flipped, flopped and politicised the pandemic at every opportunity despite pledging to do the complete opposite.

Faster than a yo-yo they called for the borders to open, close, open, and close again without taking any notice of advice from Public Health.

And today in another desperate attempt for relevance Labor is politicking yet again about ventilation in schools when the Government has already made our position clear.

Improving ventilation in buildings is one measure that can help to assist in responding to COVID-19, among a range of other measures such as additional site cleaning and identifying opportunities for outdoor learning.

That’s why the Department of Education has recently finished collecting amenity information, including heating, cooling and ventilation data, on every Department owned building.

Data is in the process of being analysed to fully understand on an individual room basis the extent of heating, cooling, and ventilation in place.

We will continue to work closely with Public Health and schools on this matter, and will take all action necessary to ensure the safety of our children.

Labor failed Tasmanians at the first test when they promised not to play politics with the pandemic, but they now have another chance and must reveal if they support our comprehensive plan to reopen the borders.

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