Labor’s Budget Betrays LGBTIQA+ Community

Australian Greens

Labor’s third budget has betrayed the queer community with all funding for the 10 Year National Action Plan on LGBTIQA+ Health and Wellbeing disappearing from the budget.

The National Action Plan was announced in 2022 with an initial budget of $900,000 through May 2024. Despite the Advisory Group meeting for a year, there’s been very little progress made on what the Action Plan will actually contain.

And now, there’s no new money in the budget to keep this vital work going. Is this the end of the National Action Plan Labor was so proud to trumpet two years ago?

The only tangible budget item for the LGBTIQA+ community is the overdue implementation of the HIV Taskforce Reports – and even that’s too little, too late.

This Government has chosen a surplus instead of helping people who need it.

Just a fraction of that $9.3 billion surplus would fully fund the Action Plan as well as removing out of pocket expenses for gender affirming care, expanding eligibility for IVF and reproductive health programmes to LGBTIQA+ families, and making sure every community, from capitals to the regions, have access to comprehensive and LGBTIQA+ friendly health services.

As stated by the Australian Greens LGBTIQA+ Spokesperson, Stephen Bates

The Government knows that LGBTIQA+ people have worse health and mental health outcomes. So where’s the money? Where’s the money for gender affirming care? Where’s the money for mental health support?

Anthony Albanese loves a Mardi Gras photo op-but when the time comes to do something concrete, he’s nowhere to be seen.

I won’t stand by while Labor tries to push the National Action Plan on LGBTIQA+ Health and Wellbeing back in the closet.

Labor shouldn’t post a profit while refusing to fund essential health services.

Increasing access to PreP medication is welcome, but the queer community needs a lot more than that.

The Greens will always push Labor to take real action to help LGBTIQA+ people. Just “not being Peter Dutton” isn’t going to cut it.

As stated by the Australian Greens Health Spokesperson, Senator Jordon Steele John

Labor’s budget does nothing to support LGBTIQA+ people in Australia who are struggling to afford and access essential healthcare.

Labor has failed to put their money where their mouth is, and queer people are being left in the lurch as a result.

In this cost of living crisis, it’s essential we support people to get the mental health services they need before they are having a crisis.

Labor’s budget for mental health care pales in comparison to demand.

This budget does nothing to improve queer people’s access to gender affirming healthcare or bulk billing at their local GP, and it doesn’t support people to access a broader range of mental health professionals through Medicare.

It’s beyond time for the Government to get on board with the Greens plan to get mental health care into Medicare, so our community can access the healthcare they so urgently need

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