Labor surrenders on alternative budget

Michael Ferguson,Minister for Finance

Fifteen days out from the State Budget, Labor has put up the Rebecca White flag and admitted it has no plans to produce a properly costed alternative budget.

This is despite Shadow Treasurer David O’Byrne’s promise to provide one more than a year ago.

All that Labor has admitted today is that their COVID package sham plan was completely un-costed and is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Our 2020-21 Budget will be released on 12 November and will outline our carefully designed and costed Plan to Rebuild a Stronger Tasmania.

It will build on our fully costed $3.1 billion Construction Blitz to create 15,000 jobs, which is already supporting our economy to be number one in the country according to CommSec.

This is just another half-baked idea from Labor in an attempt to provide some political cover so that they don’t have to do the actual work of an alternative government to put together a proper alternative budget. It’s a pathetic con and shows the lengths they will go to rather than doing the work required to offer a fully costed alternative budget for the 2020-21 financial year.

Labor has absolutely no credibility when it comes to jobs or budget management. The only jobs they create are for themselves and the Greens.

After 2,419 days in Opposition, one thing remains certain: Labor still has no long-term plan for Tasmania.

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