Leyonhjelm to warn against do-gooder councillors

Leyonhjelm to warn against do-gooder councillors

David Leyonhjelm will fire a warning shot at the mayors and councillors attending a local government debate tomorrow: don’t get involved in areas outside your remit.

While the Liberal Democrats are generally supportive of local councils, noting their closeness to the people, our lead candidate for the NSW Legislative Council will not pull any punches in his address to the Local Government NSW (LGNSW).

“In my experience, local government attracts too many do-gooders who think they know better than everyone elses,” he will say. “People convinced they are of above average intelligence. Who will tell you how to live your life and what you should do with your own property.

“It’s that aspect of local government the Liberal Democrats do not support. Intrusive, nanny state, red tape obsessed, rate increasing local government.”

Along with this reality check, David will question why some councils spend time writing letters about issues well outside their jurisdiction, including same sex marriage and even the Middle East peace process.

David will also use the speaking opportunity to caution against increasing council rates. “Rates are taxes, so they should be kept as low as possible,” he will say. “That’s a lot easier if they stick to their knitting. And of course, councils should be run efficiently, with absolute regard to best use of ratepayers’ funds. No overpaid general managers, no dodgy recruitment processes, no backhanders from contractors or developers.”

While David served at the federal level, the Liberal Democrats have representatives on several councils, including North Sydney councillor Sam Gunning. The former Mayor of Campbelltown, Clinton Mead, is a long-standing member of the Liberal Democrats.

The local government debate will take place in the Theatrette at Parliament House from 10am until 12pm. For an advanced copy of David’s speech, please contact the media advisor.

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