Luxon’s free pass to the fossil fuel industry needs to be stopped

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

Chris Luxon is giving big oil and gas corporations a free pass at a time when countries all over the world agree to transition away from fossil fuels.

“This Government is giving the global fossil fuel industry a free pass and we urgently need to stop it happening,” says co-leader of the Green Party, Marama Davidson.

“World leaders have finally agreed that we must move away from fossil fuels if we are to have a liveable future. Yet here in Aotearoa, Chris Luxon is planning to do his fossil fuel mates a huge favour by reopening the ocean for oil and gas drilling.

“The agreement at the global climate talks does not deliver the rapid phase out of fossil fuels that global communities, especially our neighbours in the Pacific, so desperately need. It looks like there are enough loopholes in the agreement for Chris Luxon to land an oil rig in.

“However, there can be no doubt that a commitment to ‘transition away from fossil fuels’ sends a signal to the fossil fuel industry that its days are numbered. And yet the industry seems to have found a willing friend in this National, ACT, and New Zealand First Government.

“It has been infuriating to watch the Prime Minister and his government backers gaslight New Zealanders all week – with extra gas – using talking points from the fossil fuel industry.

“Unless fossil fuels stay in the ground we are going to warm the planet to dangerous levels. It is as simple as that. Our Pacific neighbours are already on life support and we cannot let Chris Luxon pull the plug.

“Five years ago, people power won the oil and gas ban – and it is people power that is going to save it. Nearly 30,000 people have signed a petition calling on the government to keep the oil and gas ban in place – and if a few thousand more join them, we commit to putting on a billboard Chris Luxon can see from his office in the Beehive,” says Marama Davidson.

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