Major Economic Summit coming to Upper Spencer Gulf

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The State Government will host a Major Economic Summit in the Upper Spencer Gulf, featuring three large public forums across three nights, as the region prepares to drive a new era of prosperity for South Australia.

Premier Peter Malinauskas will host the public forums, which will outline our state’s once-in-a-generation opportunity to lead the world in renewable hydrogen energy, green steel and copper production, and provide a chance for the public to ask questions and have their say.

Each event will start with a free community barbecue.

The Major Economic Summit will run from February 25-27, featuring the following three public forums:

  • Whyalla – Sunday 25 February at the Westland Hotel Motel

    4.45pm: Free Community BBQ

    5.30pm: Public Forum

  • Port Augusta – Monday 26 February at the Central Oval Community Sporting Hub

    5.30pm: Free Community BBQ

    6.15pm: Public Forum

  • Port Pirie – Tuesday 27 February at the Port Pirie Sports Precinct

    4.15pm: Free Community BBQ

    5.00pm: Public Forum

Throughout the Major Economic Summit, the Premier will be making a series of major announcements about the economic future of the Upper Spencer Gulf.

South Australia is already Australia’s renewable energy powerhouse, and the State Government’s Hydrogen Jobs Plan promises to put our state at the global forefront of this transformational renewable energy source.

But that is just the beginning, the State Government is also exploring the Northern Water Supply Project, a large-scale desalination plant and pipeline network, which would unlock Australia’s largest copper deposits, critical minerals and realise the full potential of hydrogen energy in South Australia.

Collectively, the opportunity before South Australia in the Upper Spencer Gulf equates to thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of economic activity for decades to come.

Anyone wishing to attend the public forums can register at

As put by Peter Malinauskas

Right now, in the Upper Spencer Gulf, there is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

This region has the power to herald a new era of economic prosperity for our state.

With our unique combination of sun, wind and valuable minerals, we can lead the world with renewable hydrogen energy, green steel and copper production.

The State Government is determined to ensure we seize this opportunity, bringing thousands of new jobs and a surging economy.

This isn’t years down the track, the work is happening now.

This Major Economic Summit is a chance to outline the scale of the opportunity before us and speak directly with the communities which will be central to this endeavour.

We have what the world wants, what the world demands.

This is our moment to drive a new era of prosperity for decades to come.

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