Moe South Community Bushfire Exercise

On Saturday 13 October more than 100 community members gathered at Moe South Fire Station for a community bushfire exercise.

Moe South Community Bushfire Exercise

This session was run by the brigade for residents of Moe South, Hernes Oak, Coalville, Narracan and surrounding areas – high bushfire risk areas with many properties backing onto plantations and bushland.

The exercise was held to help residents understand fire behavior and discuss how they could be impacted. By working through a variety of bushfire scenarios in their specific area, residents were given a more personal experience which enabled them to plan for the upcoming fire season.

Representatives from HVP (Plantations), Victoria Police, Red Cross and DELWP also attended. This collaboration of emergency services meant that a broad range of topics could be discussed.

The attendees were encouraged to participate and talk about their concerns. Through this process the emergency services shared important information.

This community has committed to ongoing community safety in their area. Congratulations to Moe South Fire Brigade for its dedication, hard work and for having such high regard for the town’s safety.


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