More Ministers protecting boys club

The Australian Greens MPs

“The men of this government are still following the rules of the ‘boys club’, covering for each other instead of speaking out about what they knew about an alleged rape in parliament house and allegations of serial sexual harassment by a government staffer in Craig Kelly’s office.” said Senator Larissa Waters, Greens Leader in the Senate and Spokesperson on Women.

“The PM has admitted he knew for some time about staff issues in Kelly’s office. Did the Prime Minister know about Mr Kelly’s alleged serial sexual harasser office manager and the failure to deal with him when he saved Kelly’s preselection in 2019?

“The PM has form in either ignoring sexual abuse or having a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ approach – either of which make him complicit in leading a party and a culture which is toxic and unsafe for women.

“The news today that yet another senior government minister may have been informed by the AFP about an alleged rape metres from the PM’s office will do nothing to quell the brewing anger of women in Parliament House and across the country.

“Peter Dutton must fess up – what did you know about Brittany Higgins’ case, when did you find out and did you inform the PM?

“Mr Dutton should take his own advice, if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear.”

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