More support to tackle domestic and family violence in the Budget

  • Miles Government commits $154.4 million to tackle domestic, family and sexual violence (DFSV).
  • QCAT will receive an additional $70.1 million in funding over five years to improve tribunal and legal dispute resolution services across Queensland.
  • Extra funding announced to assist the Coroner’s Court in addressing increased demand.

Tackling domestic, family, and sexual violence has been given a major uplift in the Miles Government’s 2024–25 Queensland Budget.

Announced on the final day of Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month in May, the $154.4 million funding surge will see $36 million go directly to frontline DFSV service providers every year, which equates to a 20% uplift in core funding.

The money will go to the DFSV sector to support frontline services and violence-prevention programs and follows on from the Miles Government’s financial boost of $36 million in April, taking total funding to $154.4 million over four years.

Since 2015, the Miles Labor Government has invested $1.9 billion in trying to end all forms of domestic and family violence.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) and the Coroner’s Court have also received timely boosts to help alleviate increased demand on their services.

QCAT will receive almost $70.1 million over five years to ensure it is better equipped to provide accessible and inexpensive civil dispute resolution for Queenslanders.

This substantial funding increase, which includes 60 new FTE positions, will help meet growing demand.

QCAT’s capabilities will be enhanced across the State, with additional decision-making members, hearings and circuits of the tribunal in regional areas, as well as improved videoconferencing facilities and transcription services.

The Miles Government has committed an additional $3 million in capital funding over two years to support the growth in the tribunal and increased funding of $20.1 million will be injected per annum into QCAT from 2028-29 to sustain these enhancements to its services and staffing.

The Coroners Court of Queensland will be given a $3.129 million boost over the next four years by the Miles Government to deal with an ever-increasing workload.

This will go towards new and expanded positions within the court to support the State’s 10 coroners.

The Miles Government will also spend $816,000 over the next four years to establish an employee wellbeing program to proactively manage the risks around vicarious trauma.

Beenleigh and Townsville Courts will receive almost $28 million and $7.5 million respectively, to alleviate pressures associated with high demand.

As stated by Premier Steven Miles:

“No person should ever live in fear that someone they love could hurt or kill them.

“The additional funding in my first Budget is part of my commitment to improve the lives of families and stamp out domestic, family and sexual violence.

“Organisations in the sector are making huge strides towards this goal. We will always invest in what we know works.

“Devastatingly, we know that more than 50 per cent of young people who are exposed to domestic and family violence at home, go on to offend. That is why prevention and detection is just so critical.”

As stated by Deputy Premier and Treasurer Cameron Dick:

“The Miles Labor Government knows frontline services play a critical and at many times life-saving role helping thousands of women and children escape domestic and family violence.

“That’s why we increased our funding to domestic and family violence support service providers by 20 per cent.

“In this year’s budget, the Miles Labor Government cemented this commitment, investing $154.4 million over four years to ensure these vital frontline service providers have the funding they need.

“It shows we are committed to making meaningful, lasting change for families around Queensland.”

As stated by Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette D’Ath:

“The Miles Government has made a significant investment in addressing domestic, family and sexual violence (DFSV) in the 2024-25 Queensland Budget.

“I’m proud to be part of a government that is committed to eliminating DFSV.

“The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal plays such an important role in the State’s legal system and provides essential services to more than 60,000 Queenslanders each year.

“This is about providing timely, accessible, and cost-effective justice services – not just now, but well into the future.

“I’d like to thank all QCAT staff, appointees, members, and its President, for their hard and often-unacknowledged work, as a vital cog within Queensland’s justice system.

“The Miles Government has made a significant investment in bolstering the Coroners Court for a number of years and that has continued in the 2024-25 Queensland Budget.

“We also recognise the ongoing demands on all our courts and will invest heavily in easing some of those on the Beenleigh and Townsville.

“The Government takes very seriously its responsibility to keep the community safe and provide fair and equitable access to justice for all, and we will continue to do the best we can for all Queenslanders.”

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