Motorbike rider rescued by high angle team

A motorbike rider was lucky to survive a road crash near Bright on Saturday 7 March.

Motorbike rider rescued by high angle team

The rider lost control on a tight 45-degree corner and skidded off the road sideways before becoming airborne and falling down a 20-metre slope.

It took members of the group we was riding with 90 minutes to find him after they noticed a skid in the gravel at a major bend on the road.

Emergency services were called to assist in recovering him because he couldn’t to get up the slope unassisted.

The Hume Region High Angle team responded with members coming from Bright SES and Mt Beauty, Wodonga and Wangaratta fire brigades. The team was supported by personnel from Dederang Fire Brigade and Myrtleford SES.

“He was in a group of riders and to their credit they had a plan that the ‘tail-end Charley’ does a head count and when someone is not accounted for they start searching,” Sgt Paul Evans of Myrtleford Police said.

“They thought he might have run out of fuel or got ahead of them, so it took about an hour and a half to find him. But without that riding plan, he wouldn’t have been found for a while longer.”

Once the team was on-site the rescue took about 45 minutes.

The rider was transported to Wangaratta Hospital with serious internal injuries.


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