Motorists Urged To Respect School Crossings

Motorists are once again asked to respect crossings and signed speed limits in school zones following a near miss incident this Tuesday on Baillie Street.

The incident involved a large SUV not noticing the crossing was in use, causing the crossing guard to put themselves between the car and a child to catch the driver’s attention. This is a needless risk than can be prevented by being vigilant in school zones and following the rules:

▪ Stop if a child or adult is about to cross or is crossing, even if there is no crossing supervisor

▪ Stop if a hand held “Stop” sign is displayed

▪ Only proceed when all children and adults, including the supervisor, are clear of the crossing

▪ Approach at a speed slow enough to stop safely, if necessary

▪ Do not overtake a vehicle stopping or stopped at the crossing.

The majority of school zones are 40 km/h zones around the clock, so please slow down and be vigilant around schools.

As a community, we can help ensure that everyone gets home safely.

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