Latest school zone News

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Law tabled in NSW to prohibit U-Turns and 3-Point Turns in school zones
Middle Arm Road detour
Parking operations and mobile speed vans back in force to support safety
Road safety reminder as school returns
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Parking restrictions update
Zoom calls to be only zooming by Victorian drivers
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Construction begins on major upgrade of Unley High School
Dangerous driving in school zone at Woodridge, QLD
Drivers urged to exercise caution and patience as school classes resume
Additional school crossing supervisors to help keep children safe
Operation Return to School, South Australia
Springbank to remain open with Unley zone to expand
Licences suspended; cars seized over speeding across Sydney region, NSW
Further infrastructure investment to reboot economy
$46 million to unlock infrastructure jobs in Tasmania
Coles customers to save on must-have kitchen appliances and electronics
Revised date for new mobile phone penalties to come into effect
Man caught speeding through Riverside school zone
Drivers urged to slow down to save lives as school returns
Council creating safer school zones for children
Road users reminded to be safe in school zones, NSW
Keep children safe on our roads
Road safety reminder as Tasmanian students return to schools
Static and block RBT Operations resume for Operation Stop Drink Drug Driving, South Australia
Corrections Bill heralds a shift in focus for Corrections
Motorists urged to slow down as students return to school
Police continue road safety efforts by targeting school zones, South Australia
Slow down! Territory kids back at school
Proposed zone for new Aldinga school revealed
Helping Victorian Parents Find Their Local School
Creating Jobs and Improving Lifestyle: Palmerston – Family City
NSW Police urging all road users to consider pedestrians on our roads
Review of Springbank Secondary College
Making Winchelsea School Zones Clearer And Fairer
School zone extended on Bourke Street
NSW police remind motorists to take care in school zones
Multiple drivers near school zones found with Methamphetamine in their system, South Australia