Mountain Assets with Developer Partner ALAMMC Spearheads Innovative NDIS Housing Development in Tamworth

Mountain Assets

SYDNEY, Australia, May 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mountain Assets, a pioneer in ethical investment solutions, has joined forces with Alammc Developments to introduce an exceptional NDIS housing project in Tamworth, New South Wales. This project is set to redefine living standards for individuals with high support needs, reflecting both entities’ commitment to social impact and sustainable investment.

The initiative will transform the landscape of disability housing by developing 16 state-of-the-art townhouses specifically designed to support individuals with significant disabilities. Located at 96 Goonan St, Westdale, Tamworth, the project aims not only to provide homes but to foster a supportive community for its residents.

Investors are presented with a compelling opportunity to contribute to this noble cause, with the promise of a fixed annual return of 10%, complemented by a potential 15% bonus upon project completion. This investment assures not only financial returns but also a lasting social impact, supporting Mountain Assets’ mission to invest in projects that enrich communities and lives.

David McWilliams, Director of Alammc Developments, highlighted the project’s dual benefits, stating, “Our goal is to address the critical shortage of suitable accommodation for those with severe disabilities, while also offering our investors stable and attractive returns. These homes will provide independence and dignity to our residents, marking a significant step forward in NDIS housing.”

Mountain Assets, renowned for its strategic and impactful investment approaches, is the exclusive offer manager. The development is expected to meet the urgent demand for specialized disability accommodation, with construction anticipated to complete by July 2026.

This collaboration between Mountain Assets and Alammc Developments exemplifies a model of how ethical finance can drive real change, aligning investor returns with meaningful social contributions.

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