National Safe Boating Week 2020 Day 7 – Wear it

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

National Safe Boating Week is an annual event coordinated by Australia and New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group (ANZSBEG) members.

The aim of the #safeboating week is to increase safe practices and promote responsible boat ownership. This #safeboating week, members will be highlighting a different safety theme each day. Today’s theme is:

Safe boating means wearing a life jacket, an important pieces of safety equipment on any vessel.

Accidents happen and if you end up in the water you are much more likely to survive if you are wearing a lifejacket.

Most vessels are required to carry lifejackets for everyone on board, but a lifejacket only works if you’re wearing it.

There are many types of lifejackets available today that meet the appropriate Australian standards. Find the style that works for you and wear it.

When you’re working in an environment that can be as unforgiving as the sea, you should always prepare for the unexpected.

Today, Friday 2 October is Wear Your Lifejacket to Work Day, so wear your life jacket and show your colleagues that if it’s easy enough to wear at work, it’s easy enough to wear on the water. Post a picture of yourself wearing one to social media with the hashtags #safeboating and #wearittowork

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