National Threatened Species Day: Better protecting our precious native plants and animals

Dept of Climate Change, Energy, Environment & Water

This Threatened Species Day, the Albanese Government is announcing greater protections for our threatened plants and animals.

New conservation advice has been created to better protect 20 threatened species and 15 ecological communities. This includes updated analysis of threats and recommended recovery actions for 2 birds, 2 frogs, 1 reptile, 5 mammals, 10 plants and 15 ecological communities.

The new advices will inform governments how to best invest funding and make better decisions under national environmental law.

48 species, including threatened plants, frogs, freshwater crayfish, insects and reptiles, have also been given greater protection under Australia’s national environmental law. These include the Bulloak Jewel Butterfly, Kate’s Leaf-tail gecko, two ecological communities, and 16 species of native spiny crayfish that are found nowhere else in the world, and in many cases are unique to a single river catchment.

Almost all these species were impacted by the Black Summer Bushfires which devastated habitats and wiped-out populations. By updating their status under national environmental law, species and ecosystems will be better protected to help them thrive into the future.

Today the Government is also releasing Recovery Plans for the maugean skate, swift parrot, native macadamia and the yirrkoo (water mouse). Recovery Plans provide a roadmap to how best to support a threatened species. They give us comprehensive advice on what must be done to protect and restore important populations and habitats, and reduce threats.

The Australian Government is committed to protecting our threatened species. We are strengthening national environmental laws and investing over $500 million to directly boost outcomes for threatened native plants and animals and tackle invasive species.

Quotes attributable to Minister for the Environment and Water, the Hon Tanya Plibersek MP:

“I’m determined to give our threatened species a better chance and a brighter future. That’s why today we are releasing new conservation advice for 20 species and 15 ecosystems.

“And it’s why I’ve added 48 species and two ecosystems to the threatened lists under national environmental law.

“This means more protection for the wildlife and ecosystems that need it the most, like the beautiful Bulloak Jewel Butterfly and the camouflage expert, Kate’s Leaf-tail gecko.

“Unlike the previous government, I don’t accept environmental decline and extinction as inevitable. I’ve made these decisions because I’m not shying away from difficult problems.

“The devastating Black Summer bushfires, as well as the threat of invasive species, continues to have a serious impact on nature. To act quickly and prevent new extinctions, we need the best advice available. That’s what we’re doing.

“The Albanese Labor Government is committed to protecting our precious species and leaving nature better off for our kids and grandkids.”

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