Latest extinction News

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Southern New Zealand Dotterels Decline By 19 Per Cent
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Further Environmental Mismanagement On Cards
“Jaws'” Narrowly Escape Local Extinction
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Canterbury Spotted Skink In Serious Trouble
Senate hears Labor’s environmental integrity extinct after capitulation to mining & fossil fuel lobby
37 endangered Northern Corroboree Frogs discovered at sites across Namadgi
Labor breaks promise to deliver real environmental protection
Incomplete nature reforms leave our environment dangerously exposed
Government announces new environmental authorities but comprehensive reform still desperately needed
Extinction Crisis Demands Full Reform Of Nature Law
High Ozone Levels Could Be Cause Of Insect Decline
Best Way To Breed Frogs In Captivity
Greens welcome Government’s proposed decision to reject nature-wrecking project at Toondah Harbour
Blood of slaughtered ducks will be on Labor’s hands this season, Greens call for ban once and for all
Proposed decision to refuse development in Toondah Harbour
From crisis to conservation: almost 100 Bellinger River snapping turtles in largest release yet
Being Internationally Recognised Hard Way
Community resistance to zombie development on hair trigger at Wallum
Growing quickly helped the earliest dinosaurs and other ancient reptiles flourish in the aftermath of mass extinction
Greens will apply Senate spotlight to Government’s secret environment law reform
Exploding stars are rare but emit torrents of radiation − if one happened close enough to Earth, it could threaten life on the planet
Protecting Our Easter Icon For Future Generations
New data confirms swift parrot population fears
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