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Protecting Greater Glider
Bird prediction tool takes flight in Eureka prizes
Bird prediction tool takes flight in national science prizes
Supervolcano study finds CO2 emissions key to avoiding climate disasters
Bigger Temperature Change, Larger Extinction Event, Reveals Researcher
Behind Shot: Photographing Critically Endangered Kangaroo Island Dunnart
Sustainable forestry is part of solution to Australia’s environmental crisis
Vulnerable native species returned to Dirk Hartog Island
State of Environment Report chance to protect animals and humans from climate change and pollution
Nature in crisis: State of Environment reveals urgent need for action
Scientists star in documentary to premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival
Monash University scientists star in documentary to premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival
Bright Future For Rare Victorian Butterfly
Writing, Gender and Natural World – Six-part speaker series featuring nine of Australia’s top writers
Small, sweet and locally extinct native hopping-mouse returns to NSW
Rebound for bird on brink of extinction
Greater glider: another precious species on brink
Federal listing of greater gliders is another reason to end native forest logging in NSW
Bilbies make leap from Queensland to NT to help save species
75 hectares of habitat lost each day in NSW
Forestry Corp fined $530,000 this month for environmentally reckless and unlawful behaviour
Vegetation changes in NSW point to an out of control land clearing agenda in NSW
Australians open to using genetic technology to manage feral cats
Threatened species breeding boom at Perth Zoo
South-western snake-necked turtle conservation funding boost
Fremantle Council supports tougher cat law
Precious Callala Bay wildlife habitat must be protected
NT Consumer Affairs – Dinosaur Festival
Rare Kangaroo Island dunnart under threat from feral cats
Budget boost keeps Lord Howe Island pest free
Climate warming damages DNA of endangered songbirds, study finds
Hoiho research on Stewart Island identifies critical marine habitats