NECA calls on SA Government to abolish payroll tax

National Electrical and Communications Association

NECA calls for Premier Marshall to give businesses a ‘hand up, not a hand out’ by abolishing payroll tax

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) again calls on Premier Steven Marshall and the South Australia Government to immediately abolish payroll tax for all small and medium businesses to help combat the continued economic turmoil caused by COVID-19.

Suresh Manickam, CEO of NECA, said:

“NECA calls on Steven Marshall and his leadership to back local businesses by urgently removing payroll tax.

“We are not asking for a handout, we are asking for a hand up, in what are extraordinary times. Payroll tax is a both a disincentive to employment and a barrier to economic growth. Now more than ever we need to consider all avenues to build confidence in the economy, encourage small and medium enterprises to create additional opportunities for work.

“The abolition of payroll tax by Marshall Government would be a bold move that would send a very clear message to the rest of the country and our overseas trading partners that South Australia is providing a distinct advantage for business”.

NECA has long called for Governments around Australia to recognise the importance of payroll tax relief, which is also reflected in the Henry Tax Review recommendations.

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