New online form for general protections applications involving dismissal (Form F8)

Fair Work Commission

We are excited to announce the General protections application involving dismissal online form (Form F8) is now available in our Online Lodgment Service (OLS).

The online form has been developed as part of our commitment to continue improving the way we deliver our services to the community.

The online form has replaced the previous version where forms were uploaded into the OLS. Now you can easily follow the prompts to complete the form online.

You can now lodge the following forms using the OLS:

  • Unfair dismissal application (Form F2) – online form
  • General protection applications (Form F8) – online form, F8C upload form
  • Unlawful termination application (Form F9) – upload form
  • Agreement approval application (Form F16) – online form
  • Application to stop bullying at work (Form F72) – upload form

To lodge your form just click online lodgment service and follow the prompts to set up an account and get started. From here you can:

  • save applications and return to them later
  • view your history of submitted applications, and
  • review and download previously submitted applications.

In addition, the online forms are designed to be easy to use, and include:

  • prompts to help you provide the information needed to make a complete application
  • an auto-fill function
  • links to other resources that might help you.

The OLS is now our preferred method of lodgment for available forms. We will continue to expand the range of forms that can be lodged online.

After you lodge an application, you will receive a lodgment confirmation email. This includes a survey link you can use to provide feedback on the OLS.

We encourage you to provide feedback to help us continue improving our services to better meet your needs.

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