Nine things to make Melbourne even better

As the countdown to the Victorian election intensifies, our experts share their views on what could make Melbourne even better.

Victoria will go to the polls on Saturday November 24. Here our experts share everything you need to know about how policymakers can make Melbourne more liveable, improve our liveability, reduce commuter crushes and increase housing affordability.

1. Melbourne needs more dwellings per hectare to make it more walkable and, in turn, liveable

New York and London are known for being walkable cities where everyone lives in close quarters. If Melbourne wants to become known as a truly walkable city with 20-minute neighbourhoods we need to be smart and strategic about where people live. Liveability has significant benefits to the economy and community, but current policies for walkability, public transport, public open space need more clearly defined standards, more ambitious targets and consistent implementation. Case in point, housing development needs to occur close to services and amenities like schools, shops, public transport and parks. Our current dwelling density target of 15 dwellings per hectare is significantly lower than the 25 dwellings per hectare that research suggests is most conducive to creating liveable communities.

/RMIT University News Release. View in full here.