No more flying 4wd awnings, beach umbrellas or trampolines this summer

Brisbane Inventor solves 4wd and beach shade liftoff dangers.

A Brisbane backyard inventor has finally solved the problem of 4wd roll out awnings, beach umbrellas and portable gazebos taking off in the wind at the beach. The patented Windguard product range securely anchors all of these summer shade devices into the sand using just sand, water and the science of suction.

“The Windguard works by anchoring the shaft of the shade with a small peg under a large lightweight plastic anchoring plate. This anchoring plate is then buried in the sand and drenched with water. The added water then displaces the air between the grains of sand which compacts them tightly and promotes a force of suction. It is the same principle that pulls your shoe off your foot when you are walking through mud.”

“If you have ever had to stand helplessly by as the wind turns over your rollout awning and smacks the legs on top of the turret of your brand new 4wd you’ll appreciate the benefit, particularly if it is a very expensive wing type fold out awning. Trying to rein in the legs on one of these during wind gusts can be tricky and downright dangerous. Likewise if you have ever had to chase a portable gazebo or beach umbrella down the beach you know that sinking feeling of trying to catch and stop it before it causes some real damage.”

The Windguard anchoring system works across beach umbrellas, 4wd rollout awnings and gazebos on the beach but can also be adapted for use on any surface including grass or bitumen.

“The Windguard anchor plates also feature large angled peg holes in each corner that can hold up to 4 large tent pegs. The pegs allow it to anchor gazebos, awnings and even backyard trampolines in storms. As the holes are all angled in different directions away from the centre of the plate they can withstand a vertical lifting force in excess of 100 kg.”

The Windguard system can also be adapted for use on bitumen or concrete with the addition of the tough as nails Windguardian weight bag. These super heavy duty bags are compact for storage, easy to fill and empty, waterproof and as rugged as a heavyweight boxing bag. When filled with crusher dust, sand,water or any combination of these they weigh up to 20 kg.

/Public Release.