Northern Beaches Council commended for strengthened commitment to minimising gambling harm

Wesley Mission

Leading gambling reform advocate, Wesley Mission commends Northern Beaches council for renewing and strengthening its Gambling Harm Minimisation Policy at its recent meeting. The council is one of only two in NSW with a policy addressing gambling harm at a local government level.

The policy clearly states that gambling is an addictive activity, and that the harm it causes is a public health matter. Amendments moved by Cr Glanville (Greens) will result in a roundtable on the Northern Beaches, bringing together public health and gambling reform representatives to share research and data, and discuss effective actions that can be taken locally. Additionally, council staff will look for opportunities to enforce a ban on direct gambling advertising on council owned or managed property.

Quotes attributable to Rev Stu Cameron, CEO & Superintendent Wesley Mission:

“Gambling reform is everybody’s business. It is encouraging to see a Council deciding to act, without waiting for state and federal governments to catch up.

“When 89% of community submissions strongly support a ban on gambling advertising, Council was within its rights to implement that new standard. It sends a clear signal to the Premier and Prime Minister that Australians want a ban on gambling advertising, on bus shelters, buses, football ovals and TV.

“Councils represent their communities and the Northern Beaches Council is showing strong leadership in addressing gambling harm minimisation on behalf of residents. We hope more councils will follow them and adopt similar policies”

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