Once anxious and lonely, this much-loved pointer cross is now full of confidence

When adorable Tilly came to RSPCA South Australia in May this year, she was incredibly shy. Tilly desperately needed a family with the love and patience to help her build confidence.

At the tender age of four months, Tilly and her siblings were brought to our Lonsdale shelter as unwanted puppies. Tilly’s parents had not been desexed, and sadly there was no one to care for the beautiful litter at their existing property.

After a few weeks in our care, the beautiful pointer cross was the last of her litter waiting to find her forever home. Feeling lonely and unsure about her situation, she became increasingly anxious and shy around other animals.

Luckily, the sweet natured Tilly’s beautiful face caught the eyes of new parents Pippa and Sam, who immediately knew that they wanted to bring her into their home.

“Tilly has such a beautiful heart, and she won us over with her friendliness and of course her pretty face,” says Pippa.


‘Tilly was ready to find a loving home’

After a few unsettling months, Tilly was more than thrilled to be able to finally settle into life with her new family.

“It was clear that Tilly was ready to find a loving home,” says Pippa.

“She had been quite a nervous puppy and we had been told by the RSPCA what to expect.

“We approached things very slowly and carefully, and introduced her to things day by day, allowing her to become comfortable with her new surroundings.”

With lots of loving support and care, Tilly slowly started to open up to her new family and acquaint herself with her new surroundings.

Tilly with Pippa

Constantly seeking out company, Tilly now loves attention

In total contrast to her shy beginnings, Tilly now loves being centre of attention in her family and has even blossomed into a social butterfly around other dogs.

Tilly has recently graduated from puppy school with flying colours, and her family could not be more proud of their brave fur baby.

“She is now a very popular playmate with other dogs and has such a friendly nature,” says Pippa.

At home Tilly is constantly seeking company, too.

“She’s like a shadow to us, just floating around wanting to be part of everything that we do,” says Pippa.

She loves spending quality time with her dad Sam, and enjoys a good belly rub any day of the week.

Pippa tells us that “Her wagging tail is often teamed with happy moans and groans, a sure sign of bliss.” Awww.

Tilly Wind

Since joining the family, Tilly’s adventurous side has started to shine through more each day

In the months since her adoption, Tilly has certainly packed a lot of adventure into her happy life. The whole family has enjoyed many trips to the beach where Tilly takes great joy in running and letting her ears flap in the wind.

“She loves to get out and run…from our backyard to the forest or the beach, she loves to stretch her long legs out in leaps, bounds, gallops and frolics… anywhere she possibly can,” says Pippa.

At home, one of Tilly’s favourite pastimes is to swing her soft toys around like she is playing hammer throw, and to patrol her new backyard.

On her quieter days, Tilly even enjoys practicing the odd session of Yoga beside her mum Pippa!

Tilly always wears her beautiful friendly heart on her sleeve

Tilly’s family are thrilled to be able to give Tilly the happy life that she now leads, and are equally amazed by the joy she has brought them in return.

Pippa says that the sweet little girl has “brought a lot of warmth and love to our family and we are grateful that she is part of our home.”

“We now have a joyful, happy-go-lucky dog who is confident and an absolute blessing to be around.”

With a new baby on the way, Tilly’s parents are now eagerly excited for their canine fur baby to become a big sister.

“She has become such a lovely mature dog and she will be great at being a big sister too,” smiles Pippa.

We loved hearing about Tilly’s transformation from a shy pup to a total star in her happy fur-ever home. If you’re considering opening your heart and home to a rescued animal like Tilly, head over here to see all our animals currently available for adoption.

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