OnlyFans Star Lucy Banks Warns Againt Sexually-Transmitted Food Allergies

Lucy Banks

OnlyFans Star Lucy Banks Talks Sexually-Transmitted Food Allergies

(Perth, AUS / April 11, 2022) — OnlyFans model/content creator Lucy Banks is opening up about the rare – but very real – risk of sexually-transmitted food allergies, after a recent physical response to sex with a partner after consuming peanuts.

“A few months ago, I had a TikTok go viral with 4.9 million views where I spoke about how I am anaphylactic to peanuts,” explains Banks. “I was seeing a guy, and we had sex. He finished inside of me and I had an INTERNAL allergic reaction! He had eaten peanuts earlier that day, and it transferred to me through his semen. I didn’t realize at the time that this was possible, but now I want to warn others with serious allergies about this phenomenon.” “I went to the chemist to get anti-histamine immediately. The lady working there asked all the usual questions, like ‘What is it for? Where is your allergic reaction?’. It was so awkward! I ended up whispering the entire story to her and she burst out laughing, which made me burst out laughing too! She called over a few colleagues and tried to ask for their opinions and help, but she couldn’t stop laughing. I mean, what do you do? You just have to laugh at the situation. It’s not every day someone waddles into your chemist and has an allergic reaction to semen!”

Banks notes that food intake and semen quality are more closely linked than previously thought. “We’ve all heard about foods that boost fertility and change the taste of semen, but I had never heard of food allergens transmitting and negatively affecting partners through ejaculation before.” Indeed, while the first case of an allergic reaction to nuts through sexual intercourse was made public only a decade ago, when a woman in the UK suffered swelling of the skin and shortness of breath within hours of her partner ingesting Brazil nuts, Banks believes that there are many other cases that have occurred where people broke out in post-coital rashes, flushing or hives but didn’t connect the dots to sexually-transmitted antigens. “Those with minor or moderate allergies most likely won’t notice anything, but if you have a severe anaphylactic reactions to certain foods, then I would take special precautions with your partner to make sure they haven’t eaten anything that could trigger a negative, and possibly serious, response.”

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