Optus And FraudWatch Mark Ten Years of Protecting Optus Customers from Malicious Online Attacks

As part of our efforts to protect our customers, Optus has proactively partnered with FraudWatch International, the leader in the Anti-Phishing and Online Brand Protection. In the ten years the two companies have worked together, FraudWatch has taken down more than 3,171 phishing emails, brand abuse, fake mobile apps and fake social media sites from a combination of proactive detection by FraudWatch and from reports from Optus and our customers.

Andrew Sheridan, Optus Vice President Regulatory and Public Affairs, said criminals imitate well-known brands to trick customers into divulging information which could result in financial loss.
Every malicious operation that is shutdown helps protect customers from cyber criminals, said Mr Sheridan. During our decade of working with FraudWatch, weve seen a significant reduction in incidents, which means criminals are targeting Optus customers less, and confidence in our brand increases.
Using its proprietary detection technology to hunt the Internet for cyber threats, FraudWatch then typically takes down most malicious, phishing websites within three hours of detection. Through its international network and 18 years of experience, FraudWatch keeps abreast of cybercrime activity both in the clear and dark net to respond to ever changing cybercrime trends in order to protect their clients, and their clients customers.
Trent Youl, FraudWatch founder and CEO, said, FraudWatch is proud to have been working with and protecting Optus and their customers for more than ten years.
Cybercrime is forever evolving and the fact that we have been a trusted partner for Optus and their large customer base is testament to the commitment of our staff to deliver effective services delivering real value for our clients, and demonstrates that Optus is committed to protecting their customers.
As a connectivity provider, Optus recognises scam calls are also a concern and so does Government. ACMA has worked closely with telcos and peak body Communications Alliance to develop recently-released rules and pilot initiatives to reduce the scale and impact on Australians of scam calls.
Since ACMAs Reducing Scam Calls Code came into effect, Optus has successfully blocked more than 35.2 million scam calls.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) Scamwatch reports that last year Australians lost a reported $176.1 million to scams, up by 23.1 per cent compared to 2019
Mr Sheridan encouraged Australians to acknowledge the alarming statistics.
These numbers send a clear message to all Australians: be vigilant. Optus will continue to derail scams and do what we can to keep you safe, but if in doubt, dont click. Only use channels of communications to all your providers telcos, banks and other services that are established and secure.
About FraudWatch
FraudWatch International is a leader in the Anti-Phishing and Online Brand Protection industry. Founded in 2003, FraudWatch International is a privately owned Internet Security company and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in San Francisco, Dubai and London. FraudWatch services clients in over 40 countries.
FraudWatch Brand Protection Services protect client brands online from threats including Phishing, Malware, Online Brand Impersonation, Social Media Impersonation and Unauthorised Mobile Apps.
Each month, FraudWatch takes down thousands of phishing sites, Malware sites (command & control, credential drop sites, drive by download), fake Domains, Social Media Profiles and fake Mobile Apps. We provide the best site take down times in the industry, backed with financial penalty SLAs.
Our mission is to deliver expert, innovative solutions to protect and defend our clients online brands, reputation and financial losses from online fraud and abuse and to make the Internet a safer place.
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