OSHER Gunsberg: sniffing his baby’s head was better than any hit of drugs he’d ever had – with Maggie Dent on LiSTNR

The Good Enough Dad

OSHER GUNSBERG: “when I sniff the top of his (his baby) head, that was the hit off of every line of random drugs I’d ever taken. That was what I had always craved. Like doing bumps off a key in a nightclub cubicle” – on THE GOOD ENOUGH DAD’s new episode out today on LiSTNR.

There are 5.4 million dads* in Australia and in LiSTNR’s new original podcast series, The Good Enough Dad, famed parenting educator and author, Maggie Dent talks to some of them about their wins, challenges and stuff-ups, proving along the way that being “good enough” is exactly what our kids need.

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Osher’s interview:

  • When Osher was a kid he got an infection in his leg that ended up in a medical textbook 5’47 “About a week later, I kept saying, my leg hurts. She’s (mum) like, go to school, go to school. And then she watched me walking down the hallway, and my left leg was about four times the size of my right leg, and she’s like, oh! And off I went to the doctor and I had contracted some super rare waterborne bacteria.”
  • Osher was shocked to find that becoming a step dad transformed him completely 15’03 “We’d been together for about nine months, at the time. On a Tuesday, I went to bed and she was my girlfriend’s kid. On a Wednesday I woke up and it was like, I would die if it meant keeping you alive. I would push you out of the way of a bus that was out of control and get squished and carry on down the street if it meant you got to live.”
  • He would tell anyone looking to date someone with kids to go for it 16’03 “I would say that to any man who’s asking or any woman who’s worried that just don’t – it’s extraordinary that it happened and it’s wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.”
  • Sniffing his baby’s head was better than any hit of drug he’d ever had 22’02 “There’s new car smell and there’s new baby smell. All right. And my new baby will smell differently to you than he will to me. The pheromones. I don’t know if your listeners will know what I’m saying. Some of them might chuckle, but when I sniff the top of his head, that was the hit off of every line of random drugs I’d ever taken. That was what I had always craved. Like doing bumps off a key in a nightclub cubicle. That’s the feeling that I got. That’s the thing. Who thought it was stuff that came in a bag? It’s this.”
  • Osher Gunsberg just articulated what every mum wants her partner to know

26’04 Osher Gunsberg: If you haven’t seen this person who you adore, go through that because you weren’t in the room. Where’s your empathy going to be when there’s piles of shit everywhere in the house and you’re like, previously like, here’s your role, here’s my role. I go punch the clock and make stuff. You stay home and do this and you come home and go, how come shit’s not done? Maggie Dent: Where’s my dinner? Osher Gunsberg: You didn’t see it. You weren’t there. You didn’t look in her eyes as she grabbed for you and went, oh, you know, as the life was being sucked out of her eyes, how can you possibly have that empathy? So it can only be a good thing that and it’s vital that men get in that room and be a part of the prenatal journey. Have to be, have to be.

  • Osher’s wife could see he was going downhill before their son was born, so she sent him to his psych 28’37 And she just took one look at me and she said, I need you to go back to your psychiatrist. I need you to get back on meds. I need you around. I need you around for these kids.
  • Osher’s warning to expectant dads

29’23 But be ready for something to show up. But also, don’t be an idiot. Go and get help because you need to be there and you need to be at the top of your game. You can’t go in to the Australian Open with a sore elbow, because by the time you get to the final, you’ll barely be able to move your arm. You’ve got to go. This is the greatest game you’ll ever play. You need to go on it top, top form.

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Source: *Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2 September 2016


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