Over $40 million for equitable access to termination of pregnancy services

Minister for Health, Mental Health and Ambulance Services and Minister for Women The Honourable Shannon Fentiman
  • The Miles Government will this week release a new Termination of Pregnancy Action Plan 2032 to respond to the sexual and reproductive health needs of Queensland women.
  • More than $40 million will go towards improving access to termination care information and services across the state.
  • Proposed legislation will allow qualified nurse practitioners and midwives to perform medical terminations.
  • This is one of the many new initiatives from the $1 billion Queensland Women and Girls’ Health Strategy 2032.

The Miles Labor Government is taking steps to improve safe and timely access to termination of pregnancy services.

While legislation was passed in 2018 to decriminalise termination of pregnancy, barriers to accessing these services persist, including cost, location, and availability of support services.

To address this, the Miles Government has committed $41.8 million to support implementation of a new Termination of Pregnancy Action Plan 2032 over the next five years.

The Action Plan aims to support the community to understand their options and pathways to services, develop and support the health workforce, and embed sustainable service models.

To achieve this, the Action Plan will:

  • Boost the termination of pregnancy workforce with additional social workers and nurses;
  • Establish a virtual termination of pregnancy service, to improve access for women in rural and remote areas;
  • Provide wraparound support including counselling and financial support; and
  • Deliver more education and training for health care professionals.

A Bill is also currently before the Queensland Parliament that, if passed, will allow nurse practitioners, endorsed midwives, and certain nurses and midwives who have undergone specialised training to perform medical terminations.

The proposed changes would allow these specific healthcare workers to use a termination of pregnancy drug, such as MS-2 Step, in the early stages of pregnancy.

The Termination of Pregnancy Action Plan 2032 is an initiative under the Miles Labor Government’s $1 billion Women and Girls’ Health Strategy 2032.

Quotes attributable to the Minister for Health, Mental Health and Minister for Women, Shannon Fentiman:

“Prior to 2018, abortion had been classed as an “offence against morality” under the criminal code in Queensland – a law written before women had the right to vote.

“Recognising that abortion should be treated as a health matter, and supporting a woman’s right to reproductive health and autonomy, was a much-celebrated achievement.

“But barriers continue to exist for Queensland women to access safe and timely termination of pregnancy services, particularly for women in rural and remote communities.

“That’s why the Termination of Pregnancy Action Plan is so important.

“This investment of over $40 million will help Queenslanders understand their options, choices, and pathway.

“It will better support them through the termination process and give them choice and control of their reproductive health.”

Quotes attributable to CEO of Children by Choice, Jill McKay:

“Significant progress has been made since abortion was legalised in Queensland,

“But barriers persist to accessing termination of pregnancy services in a timely manner – particularly for those living in rural and remote areas.

“Children by Choice welcome this investment and look forward to working with the Queensland Government, women and girls, to make sure women can access termination of pregnancy health care no matter where they live in Queensland.

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