Partnership Key In Farm Safety

Farmers have welcomed the NSW Government’s efforts to engage the agricultural industry to develop proactive solutions for better farm safety.

A roundtable discussion convened by NSW Industrial Relations Minister Sophie Cotsis to discuss improvements in agriculture safety was held on Thursday, with primary production workers remaining at risk of being killed or seriously injured despite a decade of safety campaigns.

NSW Farmers Workplace Relations spokesman Chris Stillard said education and awareness campaigns from government in partnership with the sector were vital to making sure workers got home safely each day.

“In the same way we have huge road safety campaigns and education projects, we need to have big farm safety campaigns as well,” Mr Stillard said.

“Farm safety is not just a matter of compliance – it is a matter of protecting lives, livelihoods, and the very future of agriculture. In the heart of every farm lies a story of resilience, dedication, and hard work, but woven into the fabric of these stories are also the inherent risks and challenges that confront those who toil the land.

“We encouraged the Minister and the Government to continue to work with us to understand the challenges around work health and safety on farms, and continue to proactively promote safety messages as programs such as the Farm Safety Advisory Program.”

Mr Stillard said the challenges of farm safety were multifaceted and complex, with everyone in the agricultural sector having a role to play in ensuring better safety on-farm.

“Unlike traditional workplaces, farms often blur the lines between personal and professional life, creating a dynamic environment where family members live, work, and play alongside farm operations, and this integration of home and work life adds complexity to farm safety management,” Mr Stillard said.

“Farms can be dangerous places to work, but they’re also vital to feeding the nation, and that’s why we need to see continued collaboration with farmers to make workplaces safer.

“With plenty of practical solutions raised by industry to improve farm safety outcomes during the roundtable discussion, we look forward to seeing what opportunities the NSW Government will invest in and deliver to ensure everyone on-farm can get home safely at the end of each day.”

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