Peers on deployment

During the last challenging fire season our firefighters sustained an incredible work rate both in Victoria and interstate. But as committed as our firefighters are, they can’t do it alone.

Peers on deployment

One of the many groups of people supporting their frontline efforts are our peers. When on deployment to a major fire, peers can carry out numerous invaluable duties:

  • Visiting local brigades and speaking with captains to help them understand the work of the Peer Support Program and to give peers insight into what support brigades need.
  • Phoning strike team members to allow for follow-ups to occur and referrals to other peers or agencies to be made.
  • Providing support to everyone working in an ICC.
  • Networking with community liaison members and members of other emergency services organisations at the start and end of each day.
  • Liaising with members of the community through formal and informal visits.
  • Creating and strengthening links with communities and brigades through sharing meals and enjoying the hospitality offered.

Pam Young, a peer from district 12, gave the following insights from her time deployed to the Tallangatta staging area in north-east Victoria.

“Being in the same place for the whole deployment was valuable,” Pam said. “It meant people could see a familiar face rather than a new one each day.

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