Pezzullo must resign or be sacked

Australian Greens

Revelations about Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo’s deeply inappropriate involvement in the political process and contempt for the principle of accountability should prompt his immediate resignation or dismissal, the Greens say.

“Mr Pezzullo’s time as a senior public servant needs to end and it needs to end today,” Greens Immigration and Citizenship spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

“Throughout his time as Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs he has overseen a litany of governance failures and shown complete contempt for the principle of accountability.”

“His brazen attempts to manipulate the political process and his failure to respect the boundaries between politics and the public service mean that his position is untenable.”

“If Mr Pezzullo wants to play in the political sandpit then he should stand for Parliament.”

“The PM needs to set high standards and make it clear what he will and will not stand for. The standard he walks past is the standard he accepts.”

“It was a grievous mistake for Mr Albanese to reappoint Mr Pezullo when he came to office, and he now has the chance to correct the error.”

“If Mr Pezzullo is not already working on his resignation, then the Prime Minister should demand it or sack him.”

“That must not mean a sideways shuffle, a golden handshake or a cushy diplomatic post.”

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