Presenting Plans For Highett Grassy Woodland

We’ve drafted a masterplan to conserve, manage and protect the Highett Grassy Woodland. We need your help to understand if the plan strikes the right balance between protecting the natural environment and enhancing visitor enjoyment.

The Highett Grassy Woodland in the south of the former CSIRO site on Graham Road contains indigenous species and natural habitats, including Yellow Box eucalypts that are considered rare in the Bayside region.

The draft Masterplan shows how the site could look and be enjoyed in the future. The vision for the site is an open woodland dominated by River Red-gum and Yellow Box with a scattered understorey of small trees, low shrubs and a moderately dense grassy field layer.

Visit Have Your Say to explore the site, view the proposed layout and share your views. Consultation closes 19 May 2024.

About this site

Highett Grassy Woodland (HGW) is an area of land located between Middleton Street and Graham Road in Highett.

Originally part of the former CSIRO site, HGW contains significant remnant grassy woodland vegetation, in particular stands of River Red-gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) and Yellow Box (Eucalyptus melliodora).

The HGW Ecological Vegetation Classification (EVC) Plains Grassy Woodland EVC 55 is now also considered very rare in the south-east of Melbourne.

The land was transferred into Council’s ownership in April 2023 and will now be protected and enhanced as a conservation reserve. This transfer was the culmination of two decades’ advocacy by Council and a team of dedicated community members, the Friends of Highett Grassy Woodland group.

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