‘Pretty and powerful’ – Reliability upgrades for ageing electrical substations

  • Major upgrades are underway to railway electrical substations at Corinda and Caboolture.
  • Substations are the backbone of the Queensland Rail network – meaning reliability and efficiency for rail services during power outages and planned maintenance.
  • Substations will be beautified with artworks celebrating stunning flora and fauna of the region.

Reliability on the Queensland Rail network has never looked better thanks to a $48 million dollar upgrade of two ageing feeder substations at Caboolture and Corinda, which will also be adorned in stunning artwork.

Electrical substations are critical railway infrastructure responsible for powering electric trains and these upgrades will ensure communities remain connected – even during power outages or planned maintenance.

The upgraded and more reliable substations will be able to pick up power loads when most needed. For example, if a storm causes a power outage to one part of the network the new substations can take over and supply power to get trains moving again sooner and customers to their destinations faster. 

Not only will the new substations safeguard network reliability, they will also future-proof the South East Queensland network by providing backup power supply for the Cross River Rail (CRR) project and have the capabilities to support major projects like the Beerburrum-Landsborough duplication works.

The existing Corinda Feeder Station is the oldest in the network, being constructed in the late 1970s while the Caboolture Feeder Station the third oldest and has been in operation since 1982.

Once installed the new substations will boast colourful murals from local artists The Brightsiders to foster community pride as part of Queensland Rail’s ongoing Positive pARTnerships Program.

Both stations are due for completion in 2025.

As stated by Queensland Rail CEO Kat Stapleton:

“Electrical substations are crucial to helping our trains run on time and we’re committed to providing a world-class service,” Ms Stapleton said.

“Put simply, without these substations our electric trains just could not run.

“Upgrading the feeder stations boosts the resilience of the rail network meaning better on-time running, allowing more services to continue running reliably in the event of a power trip caused by unforeseen events like severe storms, debris, or wayward wildlife.

“They’ll also be beautiful to look at. The street artwork adoring the substations is by local artists The Brightsiders and depicts local flora and fauna.

“Our teams at Queensland Rail are delivering equipment procurement, overhead construction, low voltage electrical works, operational systems engineering works, undertrack crossings, and commissioning works while our contractor will be carrying out site integration works.”

As stated by Degnan’s Managing Director, Chris Degnan:

“We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Queensland Rail to deliver rail infrastructure upgrades,” Mr Degnan said.

“This project, which is critical to Queensland Rail’s network, is one we look forward to delivering safely and successfully with the Queensland Rail teams and our supply chain.”

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