Rail safety campaign sparks message: ‘high voltage can jump’

Queensland Rail is warning of the consequences of entering the rail corridor, with an ‘explosive’ new campaign launched today ahead of Rail Safety Week 2019 (12 – 19 August).

The new campaign shows sneakers exploding, replicating the effect of 25,000 volts of electricity to capture the attention of teenagers and young adults and warn ‘high voltage can jump’.
Queensland Rail’s CEO Nick Easy said the launch of the campaign follows 60 people being charged with trespassing in the rail corridor in 2018-19, in addition to two serious electric shock incidents in 2018 when young males suffered serious injury on the rail network.
“Overhead power lines on the railway network carry 25,000 volts, which is more than a hundred times the local supply in your home,” Mr Easy said.
“The voltage is so high that you or an object do not have to come into direct contact with overhead lines to suffer life-changing or fatal electric shock injuries – the voltage in the overhead power system means electricity can arc out if you or an object is close enough.
“The consequences of an electrical incident can be fatal, or injuries can last a life time – typically involving substantial and life-altering burns that take months and sometimes years to heal and may result in the loss of limbs.
“While these incidents are rare, their consequences are life altering – not only for the person involved but also for their families and friends.
“And despite these incidents being rare, the circumstances that lead to them are not, with 60 people charged with railway trespass by Police last financial year.
“Through the campaign, we want to send a clear message that one moment could alter your life forever, so it’s simply not worth it.”
Mr Easy said Queensland Rail’s new campaign would be aiming to engage young people across Queensland by targeting sneaker culture, online and through social media.
“The campaign features on-trend sneakers blown apart to demonstrate the effect of 25,000 volts of electricity – the same energy powering Queensland Rail’s overhead power system,” Mr Easy said.
“The visual aims to capture the attention of teenagers and young adults and encourage them to rethink their actions when they’re approaching somewhere on the rail network they’re not meant to be.
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“The campaign will feature at Queensland Rail’s pavilion at this year’s EKKA, with a range of
destroyed sneakers on display, alongside an interactive ‘high voltage can jump’ corner, a DJ
and competitions, through which Queensland Rail will engage the many young people
attending this year’s event.
“The campaign will also be rolled out to train stations and social media as part of Rail Safety
Week and will continue through Queensland Rail’s ongoing rail safety education program
which engaged more than 23,000 students and community members last financial year.”
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