Reforming Victoria’s criminal justice system post-COVID

An expert from RMIT University is available to talk to media about reforming Victoria’s criminal justice system post-COVID.

Greg Barns SC (0419 691 846 or [email protected])

Topics: Criminal justice; Victorian courts; reforms

“The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted heavily on Victoria’s criminal justice system causing major delays to trials.

“This means longer jail time for persons waiting trial and increased stress for victims and witnesses.

“But the crisis presents a chance to reform a system which is, at the best of times, slow and sees long waiting times before cases are resolved.

“Achievable and necessary reforms include more aggressive case management, including judges assisting early resolution between prosecution and defence.

“Plus the use of alternative dispute resolution, such as restorative justice, and employing technology to enable short mentions of cases or updates that can be done online.”

Barns has published an article on this matter in The Conversation.

Greg Barns SC is a lecturer in the Juris Doctor Program in the Graduate School of Business and Law. He is also a practising barrister with extensive criminal law experience.


/RMIT University News Release. View in full here.