REI QuiContract – quicker way to sell

REINSW presents REI QuiContract, an online program which revolutionises the sales process and helps home sellers get their properties to market quicker than ever before.

Legally, a home seller cannot offer their property for sale unless sale contract documents are available for inspection by prospective purchasers.

Currently, the process of obtaining sale contract documents can take weeks. With REI QuiContract, the process is simplified and fast tracked. The real estate agent can order and receive the necessary documents they need online, on any device and at any time.

To start, the agent only needs to enter the sale property address and, after just a few clicks, a title search is delivered almost instantly, enabling the agent to verify the current owner’s name and advise the cost of producing a sale contract for marketing purposes.

With a few more clicks the agent then orders an REI QuiContract set of documents. A couple of minutes later the agent will receive a standard printed New South Wales sale contract, including a completed front page and all dealings registered on title and, within a further few days, they will receive the balance of the documents (the zoning certificate and sewer diagrams). This dramatically cuts down sale contract preparation waiting times.

REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin says REI QuiContract will add to the value that real estate agents already bring to the home sale process.

“The REI QuiContract document creation program is simple, quick and efficient.

Real estate agents using the program will help clients get their homes to market much faster,” says McKibbin.

“In addition, REI QuiContract will give clients a much better understanding of the sale contract process. For example, they will understand which authority documents the Government mandates must be included in a sales contract; what those documents cost; how long it takes to get those documents after they are ordered; and how much more quickly some councils will provide their documents if paid an “urgency fee”.

REI QuiContract is good for lawyers as well, because it enables agents to provide them with the mandated contract documents before they start their legal work. So the lawyers don’t have to order, pay and wait for these documents themselves. “

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